Puppy Price and Delivery 

All our Bernese puppies will come with AKC (American Kennel Club) Registration Papers. Both Sire and Dam have been tested through DDC and GenSol Animal Genetics and tested 100% clear of all inherited diseases found in Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Once you pick out your puppy, then we require a deposit of $250.00 (non-refundable) the remaining balance due at pick up. 

All puppies are AKC Limited Registration $2500. 

I am very breeder friendly (remember I have been there) just please be honest with me if you want to breed. That includes ANY breeding (Doodles, Australian Mtn Dog, Golden Mtn Dog, St Bernese, etc.) I may even mentor you or do a puppy for a discounted rate on breeding rights. Full AKC Registration is available for an additional cost of $2000.00. 

I take pride in my genetic clear -0- variant bloodline. It has taken me over 21 years to add longevity to it. By keeping the bloodline diverse, a focus on health and a loving temperament. Then adding overall intelligence that my Bernese are known for.  

That did not happen overnight or did it happen free of charge. 

COme meet me and your puppies family     *     you are welcome at my house!     *      located in meeker, oklahoma 

How to get your puppy? If at all possible, we would like very much for you to come and see where your new puppy was born! Meet my pack... my desire is to meet YOU and your family. We also like for the new families to meet your puppies' beautiful parents. I want YOU know where your new family member came from, be able to see that it was born into a clean loving environment, not in a barn or kennel.... I know that option is not always the most convenient for you or your family that is why I do a lot of FaceTime video calls! I send videos of the complete puppy area also give virtual tours of my home and puppy play area (which btw is awesome~ I have some videos of my puppy play area on FB that have over one million views!)  I have even done personal Christmas surprise videos for children to view on Christmas morning of their new puppy.... you want it I can probably do it for you! 

Delivery Options

I am your Personal Flight Nanny 

Option 1. (Preferred): I will be your personal flight nanny, $1000 all inclusive. No surprise charges. I handle it all. I will be your personal puppy flight nanny, you will me at the airport of your choice. I will personally take care of your puppy throughout the day as we fly to you! Throughout the day you will get fun videos and pictures of your baby traveling, as a Bernese will always draw a crowd! Your puppy will never leave my sight, they fly with me in cabin at my feet in a soft sided crate that I have modified especially for my Bernese puppies, equipped with a fan to keep them cool. Once we arrive at our destination, I will personally hand off your new family member to you.  I will stay and answer any questions you may have, go over all paperwork and then sit back to realize this is why I do this... to watch the faces of a family when they see their new puppy in person for the first time. It makes dealing with the airline delays all worth wile! 

I meet you at OKC Airport 

Option 2: You fly in and I can meet you Will Rogers World Airport in OKC with your puppy, you can add them as a carry on. Check with the airline of your choice for price and restrictions. -0- additional cost, you purchase and book your own airline tickets.  I am happy to help you and walk you through the process on flying with a puppy! 

American Airline Cargo 

Option 3. If a puppy has to be shipped as cargo, there is a charge of $775 for its flight... *this covers what the airline charges including taxes and fees... plus health certificate and Petsafe crate/carrier required for the flight as cargo. Temperature restrictions imposed by the airline do apply. I only charge what the airline charges along with veterinary health certificate as required by the airline. Puppy with shipping must be paid in full one week prior to flight. I NEVER try and make money on shipping, its already so expensive!  Please rest assure that if we have to ship your puppy cargo that your puppy will be in good hands, we ship American Airlines. They will also be in a PetSafe crate/carrier, which is yours to keep.

My goal is for this to be a stress-free exciting time for you.
Sit back, relax, I will handle it all.
You biggest worry will be deciding on a name.  

If you are not able to come visit to pick your puppy out, NO WORRIES! 
We will correspond through texts, email or visit over the phone
with lots of FaceTime, videos, and daily pictures of your baby! 

You will never be left wondering or in the dark. 
Please ASK questions and do not be alarmed if we ask a lot of questions, too! 
We just want to be sure that our puppies are going to loving homes,      FaceBook: Becky's Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies IG: @beckysbernese Phone: 405.919.7595