Breeder’s Contract for Sale of Puppy


Ken and Becky Petros

Meeker, Oklahoma

Phone: 405.919.7595

Email: or

 WEBSITE: FB: Becky's Bernese Mtn Dog Puppies 

 Whelping Date:

Sire:                                                                                               Dam:  


Sex:                                                                                                Purchase Date:                                                                      Price:

Terms:  We agree to transfer the above puppy to the new owners as agreed to the purchase price set forth by cash or cashier’s check. All payments must be been made in full, when leaving or prior to the puppy leaving our home. If we ship your puppy, full payment must be received in time for us to verify funds or allow a personal check to clear. Allow 7 business days for personal checks to clear. At that time, you will be given the puppies AKC application for registration, health/vaccination records, microchip information and a take home Bernese Mtn Dog puppy information packet.  

We, Ken and Becky represent the following:

1. The puppy is sold in good health and the second round of vaccinations are due on:________. The fact that the puppy has been immunized with its first dose, it does not guarantee immunity. The puppy must have a series of shots with the final booster given between 4 and 5 months. The puppy has been de-wormed with earlier wormer and is due for its next treatment on: ________.

2. The dog’s sire and dam can be traced to Bernese Mountain Dog who have been registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). The sire does have his DNA on file with AKC. For a lifetime of permeant identification, your puppy has been microchipped and the number has been entered on their AKC registration application.

3. Although she is being sold with AKC Papers (limited or full depending on prior agreement) I do not guarantee her for breeding or to be a show dog. I do guarantee the dog to be genetically clear for DM, SODB1, VWH.  

Warranty: The puppy is sold with a 72 hour general health guarantee. You must take your puppy to the vet within 72 hours; if the vet finds the puppy to be unhealthy, we will refund your money or replace your puppy. You will have a life time guarantee against any genetic inherited diseases.

New Owners: As a condition of the sale, the owner agrees as follows: 1. The dog will be given a good and loving home 2. The dog will be given a lifetime good veterinary care. 3. You will make all reasonable attempts to follow the instructions given by the breeder.

General:  If for any reason during your dog’s lifetime and you, the owner needs to find a new home for BMD that we have sold them, we will happily take the dog back no questions asked. If you find after purchasing a puppy that you cannot give the dog a good home you have 3 days to return you will be refunded all but $100.00. If you are shipping the puppy back then it will be at your cost.

AKC Registration: Registering your new family member with the American Kennel Club is a good way to show your support for the continuation of the breed, even if you do not intend to breed or show yourself. Please register your puppy with AKC! *Murphy is also registered with United All Breed Registry and your puppy is eligible for that registry as well. 

I have read and understand these warranties and conditions, all of which I accept:


New owner(s): __________________________________________Date: _________________

Address: ­­­­­______________________________________ City:__________________________

State: ____________ Zip Code: _________ Telephone: _______________________________



Name (if you have one) for your new puppy: _________________________________________