Yes, it's me

Hey! It’s Becky Petros a few months ago FB unpublished my page that had my 18+k followers~ with no explanation… its beyond frustrating! So, I had to start a FB new page. I kept it the same name... Please like and follow it… “Becky’s Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies” I will be re posting pictures of my Bernese as I’m trying to recover the 53456432 videos and photos, I had on my original FB page.

I have tried everything~ from what I read it’s all done with AI so I’m dealing with a bot~ I did nothing wrong, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Even if I get to where I can actually email someone, it will not go through. It's like I am blocked.

I think I made a person mad when I refused to sell her a puppy.       SIDE NOTE: First time for everything! She had backed out on a puppy from my last litter at the last minute without a deposit, then against my better judgement I allowed her to reserve a puppy from my next litter. Then when the puppy was 3 weeks old, she ghosted me for 25 days, but expected to still get her puppy. She could not even pick it up until her next payday which was the next month, when the puppy was well over the date arranged for pick up, and she lived in Burbank CA. She had no idea how to get it. She was a train wreck. When I told her the puppy was no longer available, she was MAD. She must have known someone that works for FB because within a few days my page was disabled.

FB said, "community standard violations". Even though I have no violations. It says "No violations to show. You may not be able to see the violations that got your page removed." Since I have no violations, I have NO appeal number, no appeal number, no appeal. I was so upset. I have never placed an ad ~ so maybe it’s because they never made any money off me, who knows. They just randomly un published my page. I literally cried for like 3 days. So here I go starting over.

My NEW FB Page 

So 18K followers couldn't be wrong! 

It took me years to gain those followers. I never paid for one ad! 

Some of my puppy play area videos had over 1million views.

Below is my NEW FaceBook please Like and Follow. To help me build this one up!

Or if you have any ideas how to retrieve my old account, please let me know, It happened on 8/2/2023

my IG @beckysbernese